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My name is Ashley (Ash), owner and creator of A Simplified Home. I am a married mom of two and I love being a business owner and helping others! Through previous experience teaching and running an in-home daycare, I have learned so much about organization and how it can make every aspect of your life run smoothly. My passion lies in the aesthetic of a space and I believe style should never be compromised. It is my goal to help you create a functional space to reduce stress and allow for more quality time! Together we can put a system in place to make your life more simplified.

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Ashley was able to not only create personalized organization solutions for my home, but systems to allow me to sustain the results we achieved through the process of purging unnecessary items. She was able to work within my budget to create highly effective solutions that are easy enough for my whole family to use and maintain. During her consultation she was very thorough and continued to follow up with me to kindly check my progress so we could reconnect and continue to move forward with the goals she help us set. I look forward to living a simplified life filled with organization and more time for family.

Breena Watson

As a colleague, I can tell you that Ashley is a very talented Professional Organizer and clients all love her. I’ve worked several big jobs with Ashley and she has impressed me each time. She is very creative when it comes to space planning and always designs excellent storage systems. She definitely knows how to transform a space and take her client from chaos to calm. She works super fast but is meticulous when it comes to folding clothes and is handy too! Not too many Organizers are comfortable with tools but Ashley is.  What a bonus- I call her Ms. Fix-It! A super hard worker, never late and really cares about client satisfaction. She has such a sweet and friendly personality to boot.  An absolute delight to work with. Ashley is an asset to the organizing industry. We’re all lucky to have her!

Rachel Winters

I had just moved into a new house and was so overwhelmed with unpacking. I was putting things anywhere just to get them out of sight. Enter Ashley and her containers. She organized my kitchen in a way that makes so much sense but my brain just couldn't think of. Now it is so easy when I'm baking or entertaining I just pull out that nicely labeled bin and it has everything I need inside. She really utilized the space in my pantry so everything fits and has a home while clearing out so much clutter! Life is so much easier when it's organized!

Shannon Kelly

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